Emergencies & Storm Damages


When emergency service is needed, call Sami's Tree Service any day or time. We will respond immediately with a trained, equipped and insured professional team. A tree or limb can come down in the most inconvenient of places: driveways, on houses, near power line; damaging cars, roofs, and other property. 

Tree Prunning

Pruning improves the way a tree looks, promotes proper growth and can improve the health of a tree. Reasons to prune include: providing more sunlight, allowing more room for a nearby tree, promoting more abundant flowers or fruit, and removing unsightly and dangerous branches. Certain cuts and specific techniques are used depending on the desired result.

Stump Grinding

We remove any unwanted stump..

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree must come down. We have a qualified team on staff with the expertise to safely and efficiently cut a tree down. Our crew and equipment can handle trees of any size; near houses, walkways, and play sets.  .

P. O. BOX 963
Bound Brook, NJ 08805
Tel:  732-328-0012
Fax: 732-469-7600
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